Thursday, September 18, 2008

Up, Up, and Away Bahamas here we come

WOW, what an awesome feeling as you sit confined tightly in your seat, you feel the gradual pressure and final lift off of the monsterous power beneath you. What a rush as you look out the window and see the life as you know below slowly disappear. Yes, we have finally departed after sitting on the runway over an hour as all flights into the Atlanta airport have been "put on hold" due to fog. Once arriving there we were again delayed for 6 hrs due to mechanical problems. At least we were on the ground and not airborne! YIKES!!

Eventually we arrived at our destination!! What a beautiful place.
Of course, as we were delayed we had missed our limo and had to "hitch" a ride from the airport. After registering we were unable to find our party, thus returning to our room since we were tired and it was getting late (10:30pm) HA!! (remember I am a YaYa now) HA!! You will not believe at this point what happens!! OMG
We were staying at Atlantis on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas.....I found freakin BUGS IN THE BED!!!!!!!!! along with hairs under the mattress pad. I know this sounds bad but consider this a warning to check your beds when you are staying away from home.

At this point, it really got ugly...realizing I was tooooo far away from home. Needless to say some phone calls were made and we were given, correction "moved", to another room. (nothing there was "given") I had to really "talk to myself" to be able to stay there.....but where would I have gone??? Not much sleep that night...itchin & scratchin..HA!!

Who would have thought this would have happened in a resort like this?? YUCK!!

I will let you think on this a be continued.....

(I'm itch'n now as I write these words)

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