Saturday, April 10, 2010

They're still gone

Ok, so this is ME

The babies have gone to Michigan. They have been gone for 10 days and I am so ready to see them again....I know, I know it could be worse, they could live VERY far away so I get it. I'll just be glad when they get back home.

The ole leg is still in that beautiful brace you saw on my last post and I am about to go "stir-crazy". Still going to physical therapy.....I so want to get better so I can work in my yard and do all the activities I enjoy.....Sorry, I don't mean to complain....I am blessed. I thank GOD for my health....

On a funny note, my mom just got the cutest little "baby".....see if you can find him. HA HA HA~~isn't he just the cutest little fuzzy? He is a mini schnauzer.