Friday, September 19, 2008

Post Card beautiful

Isn't this beautiful?? Yes, we had a great time minus the bugs, minus the flight delays, missing our limo, not connecting with the saying goes "making lemonade when life gives you lemons".

What an awesome place. The sun and beach was picturesque. Sunday we enjoyed the water rides and slides offered at the resort. Pappy has been soooo blistered. As his belly stung and his body chilled he said he knew better. I did not burn as I am not fair complexioned as he is. All in all it was a great time....would love to retur

This is the group that went on the trip.Yaya and Pappy on the right, next to last couple.
(this was before the burn)!

We were entertained Saturday evening by native Bahama dancers and brass band. They were incredible.
Can't wait to go back. would recommend trip to anyone. loved it....

I could talk on and on ,but got to get ready for work....back to the real world folks!


kristina said...

pretty! i left you know behind your comment, because i can't blog! blogger has been annoying! talk to you tomorrow!

rick said...

"pappy is still suffering"