Friday, September 4, 2009

Prentiss Update

This is second day post surgery. Does he look like he has had heart surgery to you??? Not to me. He is doing extremely well. I give God all the credit. Prentiss was in His hands through out the entire surgery and still is. It only took one hour from start to finish. Prentiss only had to be stuck once for his IV placement. He never cried about having to be without his feedings. He was without food and drink for over 12 hours. He played and laughed until he went back to surgery around 12:30 that day.
He was taken off the Captopril. He has to take Lasix and Digioxin only until he goes back for his checkup then hopefully he will come off that. We are so grateful.

This is Prentiss and Luke's grandpa from Michigan. Can you tell he is PROUD? HA! They will be here until Labor Day then fly back home. The boys will be lost without Grandma and Grandpa.

Yesterday Grandma and Lil Mom took the boys shopping and got new car seats for Dad's truck and also got the boys new shoes. They are not so sure about them. Check it out. HA!!
Grandma is holding Prentiss and Luke is with Lil Mom. No, I didn't chop off Grandma's head....she doesn't want her picture know us "hairdo's"
May I'll be able to get a pic before they leave Monday.....I'll try Prentiss and Luke.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You Jesus

The day has finally arrived. The day of surgery. A day we knew would come, but prayed it wouldn't.
GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Prentiss was scheduled for 2nd case today. He was taken back to holding at 12:01, the surgery started about 1:00 and by 2:30 Dr was in the waiting area talking to Lil Mom and Dad. Dr said everything went very well. He was able to fix both holes in his heart.

Prentiss of course did not have anything to eat or drink since midnight. He was happy and playing
never cried at all. Another miracle is that his IV was successfully started with only one stick. When he was in the hospital for his pyloric stenosis surgery, he had to be stuck 14 times before they could get an IV in place. This was a very smooth surgery. I give God all the credit. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. I hope I am making myself clear. After I left the hospital this afternoon I went to take care of Luke while the other grandma went to hosp for awhile. I just got home and am very tired. I will post some pictures. Give you more on update tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.