Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another first

The boys are back from Michigan and have gone back to day-care..or as Lil mom calls it "little school". She says she feels less guilty about them being in day care by calling it little school.
They are now in the one year old class and are having to adjust to "greater responsibilities" HA!!

Today was another "first" for them. Mom and Dad took them to have their first haircut.....awwww
YaYa had to work today so I didn't get any photos. Will try to pry some from Lil Mom to share with everyone.

I'll just post some random pics so that my friends can take a peek into a typical week end day...
They love to wagon ride with Chopper.....take a little a little a popsicle.....sweep a lttle dust......have a "buckin" fit when it's time to lay it all down and "go INSIDE"......they love "outside".....we are learning what that is when I have learned to be quiet and "step aside"....let daddy deal with that one!! HA!!!
And....on we go!!!!