Monday, March 23, 2009

Newest Project

This is the fabric that came in the mail today. I was so excited. Can you guess why??? Lucy and get it?? HA!! I am trying to decide what I will make. I am thinking I will make matching APRONS for Ethel and myself. Don't you think that will be fun? Do you have any suggestions or fresh ideas?

I entered a giveaway offered on should check it out, mmmm or maybe not!! HA!

I am so tired today I can hardly move. We worked in the yard all weekend. It certainly looks better. I was so glad to get out. I know everyone seems to be excited about spring. I love the bursting forth of blooms and fresh cut grass...minus the pollen. Here in the south everything is covered with a yellow-green dusting...yuck...but suppose to rain this week and hopefully wash it all away. Enough rambling. YA'LL have a great week!!!


Tootsie said...

aprons and oven mitts!!! how cute is that!!!!

Michele Williams said...

I love the fabric! So cool! blessings...

PamperingBeki said...

That fabric is so cute!

I think aprons are the perfect thing to make.

Anonymous said...

Oh YaYa!!LOVE the fabrics and yes I agree with the aprons, oven mitts and maybe napkins for a little punch to your table. I think that Loooocie would also agree~lol!

I know exactly what you mean about Spring....just waiting for the onslaught of the yellow rain here in the Atlanta area...Ahhhh the price of beauty, no one ever said it was easy!!

Take care and have a tremendous Tuesday!

Deare Diary said...

Ethel thinks that it is a GREAT IDEA!!!! We will have to get together and try them out. You go Lucy.
Love ya,
Judy (Ethel)

Anonymous said...

Aprons for sure,but you have to have the hats. Way to cute.

justabeachkat said...

Very cute fabric!

Gosh, I've had fun catching up with you tonight. I can't believe how big the boys are getting!

Thanks for visits while I was on my trip. We stayed so busy that my computer time was taken up with doing a post each day and downloading my photos. It sure feels good to be home and able to blog again.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh my ..We don't have HER out yet here..She likes to torment me also..