Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, I think the "poe-poe" is after all the women in this family. Mom called me yesterday on her way to the nursing home and told me she had been stopped. She also got the "speech" and dodged the bullet. Whew! She said she was listening to the Gaithers on her CD player and did not realize she was speeding. As we say in the south, BLESS HER HEART!!!

Papa Charlie is doing well in the nursing home. Mom
has spoiled him through the years so it is really an adjustment.

The boys are growing so much. They go next week for 4 month check-up.

We love Dad's camo rocker recliner.....You see who is the BOSS, don't you?

Go dawgs!! Mississippi State University basketball WON 64-61 over University of Tennessee in the Southeastern Conference Tournament championship game on Sunday. Congratulations MSU for a job well done.

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