Monday, March 9, 2009

Confession is Good for the Soul

Confession is good for the soul or so they say. Now Ethel, you must remember just because someone does not confess does not mean it didn't happen. So, here is how it went down. I also got "stopped" about a month ago by the "poe-poe". I left home is a big hurry on my way to "get my hair done" (that's another story for another time). My SIL doesn't like to ride with me in the city because I can reach my destination in about 1/2 the time she could. HA! tee-hee!!....So, I'm truckin along on a side road and as I topped the hill the "powers that be" had installed a red light and had also reduced the speed limit....whew! I got the green light and zoomed on through, just as I rounded a curve there "he" sat in his little patrol car on the median. As I passed my heart skipped a beat, respirations increased, the ole "fight or flight" response sat in OMG---Now what???? I eased on down the lights....or so I thought. I then looked in the rear view mirror and there he came like an old dog after a bone! He still had not flipped the lights on so "self thought"...we are home free on this one.....NOT.....there went the lights!!!!!!! FULL ARREST!!!!!! blood pressure sky rocketed, respirations increased (more like hyperventilation), sweating, clammy!!! I pulled over prepared to get the speech frantically searching the glove compartment for proof of insurance unable to find that little card....seems we get a new one every month.... Yes, I knew I was speeding, yes I was in a hurry, yes, YaYa knew better. By the time the officer got to my window I was shaking like a leaf trying to figure out what I was going to say and remind myself to keep quiet. I suppose he felt sorry for this ole granny!! HA!!! cause all I got was "the talk" ticket!!! I could just see myself peeping from behind bars!!! HA!!!!

Moral of this story....just because you say it doesn't make it so/ or just because you DON"T say it doesn't mean it didn't that clear????? I know what I mean anyway!!! HA!!!!!


Anonymous said...

YES!!I can just picture the whole thing!! I was just stopped in November, the 2nd time in my whole life~~for my tag that was 8 days late! I immediately start older son Michael was with me...Whew! I just got the stern warning, too!
Thanks YaYa for the funny version!

Hugs, Lynn

Deare Diary said...

Now everyone will understand why the first think I thought about was YaYa! Now I am wondering how many times she has actually got stopped for speeding. I make sure that I am prayed up when I crawl into the car with her or her brother.

Anonymous said...

I have been blessed to miss the cops that is for sure because my dad says I should have been a race car driver hehe.

rick said...

If she could find a sponser, there is no doubt she could run in the top 5 at any Nascar race. We would be RICH!!!!!!

Tootsie said... really told that well! I was having a panic attack for you! lol
not that I am admitting to being a speed demon...but my radar detector is not as efficient as I would have liked it to be!