Friday, October 3, 2008

Rats runnin

ok,ok--I know I'm behind on important matters such as my here goes...

Wow, this week has been sooo busy. I feel like one of those little rats running on a wheel!HA!! I have been slackin on my bloggin or so my "followers" tell me. It has been like running a race and someone keeps moving the finish line. I feel like a dog waggin his tongue to keep up!! HA!!! But hey, as I understand it won't get a
ny better with the arrival of twin grandsons. Today I took my mom and aunt on a all day outing. While out and about I saw two sets of twins. The first set was 3 month old girls. They were so cute with pink and brown bows in their hair and little toenails painted pink with pink flip-flops on. OMG they were so cute. The next set I saw today was 2 1/2 yr old boys. When I told the lady my son and wife were expecting twin boys her immediate response was "GOD BLESS HIM"!! She then said they were alot of fun but could "tear up a house in less than 30 seconds!" She appeared quite serious about that!!!Mmmmm Can hardly wait!!

The twins daddy also painted the nursery this week. Check it out.
Can you tell he is a graphic designer, not happy with solid color walls..had to make it his own design...a work in progress.

Two cribs and a changing table almost consume the entire room.

The next event will be "Baby Shower" coming Oct. 11---will post pictures when available.

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