Monday, October 6, 2008

Curious George readings

Bet a smile just ran across your face! Seeing this cute little fellow brought back more memories...taking "big brother" to school my younger son and I would go to the local library and sit on the little kiddie loungers and read stories of "Adventures of Curious George". Remember the yellow hat, the bright yummy bananas, red balloons... Who isn't smitten by this little inquisitive fellow who always seems to get into one scrap after another. I just had a thought!! Maybe my younger son was influenced by "little George's" behavior because he sure was a challenge to his "mama". HA!! (one of those uh-ha moments) HA!! A little late, don't you think???? Well, guess what....YaYa has already started getting ready to teach the twins by reading the same little books to them....(back to what goes around comes around) HA!!! can you tell I am having fun with this little saying??? HA!! tee-heee

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