Friday, November 14, 2008

Guilt Works

Hey guys!! It worked, she's backkkk!! As you know my sister in law has been MIA. Well, I have layed on the "guilt-trip". Telling her everyone in the bloggin world was in a wild search for her.
My mother even thought her computer was broken and thought she needed to take it in for service because she couldn't get the blog going. Now, if that doesn't make a one "feel-bad"!! Whatever it took you know to get her back in the groove. I had even decided today to put a "all-points-bulletin" out on her with my sad face on it.

Then much to my SURPRISE, this morning there it is......SHE IS BACK!!!! YEAH!!!!! You can never tell about that gurl!!! She is FULL of IT......
Will sign off for now!!!

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