Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby update

Just got off work and went by the hospital to see "little Mama" and babies. "Little Mama" will go home in the morning. She is having a difficult time having to leave the babies at the hospital. Luke has lost an oz and Prentiss has gained an oz. They are off C-Pap and taking oxygen by nasal cannula. Everyday is a milestone. We are grateful God is watching over them and has them in His hands.
Check out the pictures.

This picture was taken the day they were born.

Luke is sticking out his tongue to everyone!!!

Luke has his "cool dude" glasses on.

Prentiss opened his eyes for his YaYa and his Grandma Nicander. His nurse said he like to be talked to. HA!! sounds like his Mama !! HA!!!!!!

Can you tell I am "already wrapped"???HA!!! Yep! that's it!!!

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Connie said...

Aren't they precious! Congratulations! Praying that you will get to hold them soon and that they will be able to go home soon!