Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rain,Rain Go Away

Could we say "hurricane, hurricane go away"? For those of us in the southern area of MS it is a time of great anticipation and anxiety awaiting the arrival of Gustav, aka Monster storm. All we can do is prepare and hope and pray for the best. Aug. 29, 2005 Katrina greeted us with fury. The definition of fury being described as a state of wildly excited activity or emotion. Katrina could not have been described better. Grim memories and nightmares of death and devastation remind us of Katrina's anger. Today Gustav is at our heels with full brunt expected tomorrow morning, Mon. Sept 1, 2008.
Gustav launches towards New Orleans/Gulfcoast area where 95% of New Orleans has been evacuated and Bay St Louis and Waveland are described as ghost towns. So, here we are watching the weather channel waiting for the "other shoe to drop."

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