Friday, August 15, 2008

Back by popular demand

Sorry girls this is the best I can do for close-ups. This is actually my "little" brother. In remembering days gone by, I recall long hot summer days playing "blind mans bluff" (him letting me fall into a culvert), bicycle rides (him wrecking me) and swinging on a old tire strung up in a tree by a rope (me swinging him into the tree, tee-hee). Night time memories were of fireflies caught in a jar, games of chase, and a fan blowing the hot still air. All these memories capture the essence of a childhood summer.
Our roots say were are brother and sister, our hearts say we are friends. I love you, little brother.


Big Momma said...

I too have childhood memories like that. It was more fighting than playing though. Thanks for the enlarged image of your motorcyle riding brother. The more I see the more I like. Tell us more.

kristina said...

hmmhunh...looks like mr. motorcycle is getting some fans!