Thursday, August 28, 2008


My heart is saddened today thinking of my college friend who is on chemotherapy. I want to share some of our "fun-times".

the time we took off from college traveling home in a snow storm, sliding off the road into a roadside trying to "gun" the volkswagon and her trying to push it, resulting in a mud bath for her.HA!! tee-hee.

the time we sneeked out of the dorm away from the ever-watchful eyes of our dorm mother for a late night run to the do-nut shop leaving the back door ajar.

the time we tried to load a bicycle into the back seat of a volkswagon...she was pushing, I was pulling...HA! that was a site to see...along with a few "choice words" from her...this resulted in a broken hand.

As they say, those were the "fun days" of college, certainly nothing like today.

This friend survived Hurricane Katrina and the loss of her husband shortly thereafter. As the anniversary of these events arrive, I pray God will continue to give her strength and courage.

It is said a faithful friend is a strong defense and he that has found such a one has found a treasure.

I do believe I found a treasure. I pray God's blessings on her today.

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kristina said...

well sounds like little belle will have fun cousins too based on their future grandma's escapades =)...i'm forecasting mud baths and lost of 'ingenious adventures'--love you and i'll say a prayer for your friend =)