Saturday, February 13, 2010

Writing Under the Influence

What is a girl to do? Someone keeps posting my picture on the internet!! HA!! Just kiddin. Sorry Sara for your fall, but apparently there is an art to "falling on ice". One I have neglected to learn. As we all know the Winter Olympics Opening ceremony was last night. I watched as long as I could before falling asleep not out of boredom but just was tired....anyway..I thought well...maybe I could make it as a "walk on" ( you know like they do on football teams! HA ) ...I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to go to work. There is still snow and ice everywhere....long story...short version....As I was getting out of my vehicle my feet hit a patch of "black ice" and down I went or maybe I should say UP I went then down with a squeal like a sissy girl!! One leg went one direction, the other leg went into some weird awkward twist..down I went on the backside....Oh my golly wow!!! What a sight I must have been. Too bad I didn't have a video of this one....could have immediately been a winner on Americas Funniest!!! Stars were shining as I looked up to see if the earth had moved. I was finally able to get my bearings and a little traction with the help of a couple of people and up I came. I went into work and decided when my help arrived to go to the emergency room just to be "checked out".
Well, that was an experience not soon forgotten!! Four hours later, I am sent out with no broken bones, muscle strain, ace bandage, and a prescription. Hopefully, I will not have to ever use the services of ER again especially in the winter and on a weekend....Can't say too much since it is my place of employment!!
Ok, I have rambled to get ready for work tomorrow then off to bed.
Have a good night everyone.


nancygrayce said...

Ugh! That could not have been fun. I am a frequent husband says I can trip over the pattern in the carpet!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

My boys just say....oh, that's just Mama!! I don't know whether to laugh or be concerned. hahahaah

Deare Diary said...

Oh Lucy!!!! I am glad that you are ok , know that I had to laugh just a little.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

yes, I knew you would get a HUGE of those belly laughs where you SNORT!!! HA!!!!