Friday, February 12, 2010

Weatherman calls it THE BIG SNOW

We awakened to about 3 inches of snow and it continued to snow until we got about 5 inches. It was so beautiful. The twins did not know quite what to make of it. All they knew was something exciting was happening...HA!

The weatherman called it the BIG SNOW of 2010. I think he is correct. I don't recall it ever snowing this much in central MS. At least I didn't have to work today and could stay home and enjoy.
I just had to include this pic....this is Luke and his favorite pose when his Mama is around.....such a Mama's baby.....He does not like to share HIS Mama with Prentiss :(
We have not had anymore biting for at least 5-6 maybe the idea has passed. We hope so.
Nap time at YaYa's house...they ate lunch and passed out....for a BRIEF nap.
Note the rearrangement of furniture. They like to operate the electronics. They probably could do better than their yaya....HAHA!! Ya'll have a great weekend......xoxoxo


Needled Mom said...

So cute. Yes, they would definitely be better than I am at those electronics. Good thing!!!!

The snow looks gorgeous. I hope the boys had fun in it.

Sharon said...

Those little fellows are growing so fast!! Yall had more snow than we did and looks like you enjoyed it more than we did as well. Worrying now about those (like my son) who have to be out on the highways tonight and the roads are icing. Pray they are all safe. Great pictures and enjoyed your post.

Deare Diary said...

Good pictures.

nancygrayce said...

Your snow is beautiful! Of course we got none here, but lots of rain! The boys are so cute and I remember having to rearrange! Sad thing is, they could probably figure out the electronics much faster than I could.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

It looked exactly the same way here at our house in the SC Lowcountry on Saturday morning. Just beautiful!