Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The old grey mare just aint what she used to be

Today has been a major cleaning day around here. I went to the twins house this morning and vacuumed and shampooed all the carpet. They were not very happy with their Yaya making so much noise, but it kept them fairly still. I then came home and did my house. Wow, I don't know where I found that energy, just probably out of necessity. Now off to their house again to help with dinner, baths, and bedtime.

Does anyone have any suggestions to deter the twins biting each other. They now have eight teeth each and are really learning how to use them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank goodness Dad will be home tomorrow night. As you know he was laid off his job this past Sept and has been working out of town to support the family. It has been hard on Lil Mom, but she is a trooper. Dad is considering going back to school full time in June. Please remember them in your prayers that they be directed clearly.

Since the twins were so sick as little babies, they were advised not to take them into crowds so have not been to church....well, Sunday they started back and according to Lil Mom I think Prentiss tore up the nursery crying. Pray that they will adjust. Mom and Dad desire to raise them active in church.

Well, off to my other chores....


Needled Mom said...

That biting stage is literally such a pain. With my own children I found that a "gentle" bite back seemed to cure the habit. I don't think that they realize it hurts and when they see a reaction they see it as funny.

Prayers all the way around YaYa. Job security is tough in these times.

Connie said...

It's great when we get these little bursts of energy...gets so much done.

Like the above answer to biting...I think I did the same thing and then watch them to see what triggers it and try to redirect. Usually it's something as simple as being too close to each other or wanting the same toy. Good luck and they will grow out of it.

Glad the boys are doing so well and good for their parents for starting back to church. My brother has triplets and they did the same thing and now the girls love going to church. They are happy and healthy 8 year olds. Time flies!

Have a good weekend! Connie