Sunday, December 21, 2008

Please pray for little Luke he had a couple of apneas spells (stops breathing) last night requiring oxygen. According to the doctors every time he does that "buys" him seven more days.
Luke weighed 4lbs 11oz Prentiss weighed 5lbs 2oz. last night. Dr. also told us Prentiss still has the PDA and ASD and will have another echo. We are trying to be encouraged this morning.


Sharon said...

Oh my, YaYa. Hate to hear the little fellas are continuing to have problems. I'll be praying for them and you, too. God has everthing under control so we have to wait for His timing to be completed. It is just so difficult, I know, to see those precious little babies have such difficult battles but they are fighting hard. As for the machine I bought, it is a Baby Loc the Esante model. I didn't do a bit of shopping. Just went in the Sewin Mart and listened to the lady a little and then said I'll take it. Got it plus a couple hundred dollars worth of pattern disks I haven't even used. Best to do a little shopping around. If I had it to do again so far as buying an embrodiery machine, I think I'd buy an industrial model so I wouldn't have to stuggle getting things on the hoops. Somethings I just don't get on the hoop at all. I really plane to do some quilting after I retire and this machine has some good quilting attachments. Hope you find what you want and enjoy it. Buy it now and enjoy it now. I waited almost too long. Sorry for the long comment. Keep us posted on the boys. God bless!

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like it was a rough day for baby news. I pray that all changes and there is a great week ahead for everyone.