Sunday, December 7, 2008


Prentiss has completed his IV medication for the PDA and will have another echo today. Doctor says the PDA "sound much better". God's hand is at work. He has now gained to 4lbs 8oz. This morning "little Mama" was allowed to give him his first bottle. He took one oz and tolerated it well. We are so pleased.

Ok, so we can't leave the "sheriff" out. Luke has gained to 3lbs 11oz...yeah!! He had a sonogram of his head yesterday "through the soft spot" and it was normal. Yes, God does have His hand on these little ones. The more Luke gains, the more he looks like Prentiss. We may be "in trouble" HA!

A few posts back I mentioned I was working on an apron. Yes, I did finish it and will try to post a picture. "My model" is unavailable so I will do the best I can. It turned out better than I thought.

It's back to work next week, didn't get all my projects completed...but hey! I did get to the hosp everyday to see "our little men" !!! That is what counts.....the projects can just wait a little longer.
Ooops!! Did I say "my model" was unavailable??? Pappy thought he could model just was well as anyone there you have it!!! His new career has been launched!!!!
Let me know what you think!!!!!!


Deare Diary said...

Those babies are getting cuter and cuter. I think that they are going to favor their Uncle Donald! You did a great job finding a model for the apron, sexy legs abd all!!!

Deare Diary said...

Question: Is the apron one size fits all? We need to see the side and back view!

kristina said...

the litte men look adorable! they do look like =), you might need to do something like "paint their toes" after all. and the apron looks great!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Deare Diary, believe me you don't want to see the side and rear view!!HA!!! JK PAPPY

justabeachkat said...

Very nice....the apron and the model! LOL