Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best Little Brother Award

This star award goes to my little brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely have THE BEST LITTLE BROTHER. Hey, little brother that is what I believe no matter what ETHEL says !!HA!! He has been sick with the crud and he called me tonight to check on me. Well, I told him I had had computer problems (because he had noticied I had not blogged and of course he doesn't read it anyway) asked if I had tried to restore system. I had not thought about did it and OMG...guess what IT WORKED!!!! By the way, his line of work is computers with a large company that all of us lady well know......

So now I can update you on the babies, tell a few jokes, and just in general feed my habit!!!!
YES.....;) Tune in tomorrow for that update.


Needled Mom said...

Yeah for little brother!!!!

Deare Diary said...

Jusy for the record, I agree with you. He is a good egg. I think that I will keep him! Glad you are back blogging.
P.S. Don't forget my cranberry relish...I have not forgotten!!!
Love ya,

YaYa's Funhouse said...

I got it...I'll bring Michele some also.

Sharon said...

Great job, little brother. Glad you're back to the blogging world. Missed you and can't wait for an update on the babies.

kristina said...

look who's back!! little brother's are cool even though sometimes they could be a pest lol