Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sour Patch Kids

Yesterday Pappy and I babysat while Lil Mom and Dad went for a fun day in the sun, cook-in out, fishing, and visiting with friends. Of course, they had to twist our arms to keep the boys. I tell you it is a two person deal. I totally respect Lil Mom for doing this day-in and day-out , 24-7. They never both sleep at the same time. When you get one down the other is up and ready to go.
Then there are bottles to make, diapers to change, an
d with them medications to give. For any of you that have BOYS can appreciate this, yesterday I was changing Prentiss and before I could get him changed....we had a MAJOR accident.....tee-tee know what I mean...running down the wall, on the changing table, in his face....all over his clothes I had just changed him into...all over YaYa...I was grabbin everything I could get to cover the fountain. When I got him changed and put in his bouncy seat, I thought ,well since I have to change sheets I might as well put on a load of baby laundry. They washed, when completed I went to put in the dryer and there was "stuff" all over the clothes...I thought maybe the detergent didn't using liquid, maybe I took the clothes out before it rinsed, no that's not it.......I decided to wash the clothes again.....then as I was trying to put in the dryer after the second wash I realized I had washed a Huggies diaper in with the sheet from the changing table.....boy what a mess, there was fuzzy stuff all over their clothes, worse than if they had been washed with new towels. GEE, what a MESS! I thought I was doing a good thing!...It was truly a LUCY moments....Lil Mom and Dad got home about 8 last night....needless to say we didn't have to be rocked to sleep......

The pictures above.....Prentiss as his Dad was giving him a taste of "Cabbage Sour baby".....he seemed to like it...see the dribble on his chin? HA!..he only got a lick so no one get upset about him "getting sugar"
Luke??? Not so much.....HA!!! Don't think we will have to worry about him getting into the sour candy!!!!!!!!!

Last week Pappy spent 3 days in the hospital with cellulitis. IV antibiotics did the trick. This picture was taken before it got so bad..before he was admitted to the hospital. Hopefully the next couple of months will improve with him. He has had bilateral partial knee replacement, appendicitis, and now this. I told him I was going to trade him in for 2--30's.... HA!!!! now we know that is a JOKE!!!!!!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful week. God bless!


Sharon said...

My goodness, YaYa, you have been busy. It's been a while since I saw the boys and they have really grown. Cute as a button! Pappy's leg doesn't look so good here so glad all is better now. Take care!

Needled Mom said...

WOW....that cellulitis looks nasty. Glad it looks better now. What was the cause of it?

Those little guys surely kept you busy. You need some of those Pee Pee Teepees for changing the little guys. I'll bet you were ready for bed after your babysitting, but they are really cute handfuls.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Sharon, my SIL have really missed you. We had began to worry that something was wrong. Glad you are back. Yes, the boys are a major hand-ful, but oh so worth-it!!!!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Needled Mom, thanks for stopping by. The doctor could not say what caused it....just happened. You should have seen it the day we went to hospital. I was very concerned. Doctor kept asking it he had diabetes, but so glad he does not.

You would think I would know better, being mother of 2 don't leave it uncovered! HA!!

Kat said...

Funny story about your "shower"! I can laugh 'cause it has happened to me before too. Boys will be boys.

Speaking of boys....they are adorable.


Deare Diary said...

hahahahah. I love it. Hate I missed it.

Whimsy World said...

I washed a diaper once too. I thought I would never get all that stuff out. I love the picture of Luke's face from the candy!!!