Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

"Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof," is the legend moulded around the Liberty Bell. This inscription is from the twenty-fifth chapter of Leviticus, as part of the directions given by Jehovah for the celebration of the year of jubilee, and the very next words to it in the Bible are:
"It shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession."
For Liberty is the "possession" of every man, woman and child.
The story of the Liberty Bell is the story of Liberty. It is a history of thrills and throbs and tears. If the ancient Hebrew slaves had not made that immortal dash for liberty when the Egyptians pursuing them were drowned in the Red Sea, there never would have been that
tumult in the city,
In the quaint old Quaker town,
when the Liberty Bell rang in the "year of jubilee", and rang out the glad tidings of freedom "throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof."

Some Liberty Bell Trivia:

The bell cracked the first time it was rung

The bell weighed 2080 pounds when it was cast.

The strike note of the Bell is E-flat.

On the bell, "Pennsylvania" is spelled "Pensylvania"

The Liberty Bell did not ring on July 4, 1776, actually it was on July 8, 1776.

I hope every one enjoyed their Independence Day Celebration with family and friends.
I am so grateful to have been born in America.


Needled Mom said...

Interesting trivia. Thanks.

Whimsy World said...

we definetly missed you!!! We all need to get together more often!!!

nancygrayce said...

Interesting! We did enjoy our 4th....having the grandchildren here made it all the more special!