Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Coffee Grinder Miracle

Yesterday my DIL told be about a product called Nap Nanny. I don't know if you have ever heard of this. I had not. I began to search the internet and found this to be ideal for babies with reflux. In looking to find a local dealer, the closest I could find was in LA. I called the boutique and in the course of conversation with the worker she told me of a mother of twins that had been to a gastrointerologist of her babies reflux. She was told to grind the rice cereal with a coffee grinder before mixing with formula. Needless, to say I swiftly was on my way to purchase a grinder.
Having made the purchase, I went to see the boys. We ground up the rice cereal while Mom gave baths. The boys ate their green beans and took their bottles with ground rice cereal then promptly went to sleep. Mom and Dad didn't get that excited because going to sleep quickly was not unusual however, staying sleep was. Dad woke up as day light was breaking through the window, thinking how did I sleep through all the night feedings?? He always gets up and helps her feed. He thought "why didn't she wake me"?.....Well, Praise Be!!! It's a miracle!!! Little Mama said.....THEY SLEPT ALLLLL NIGHT!!!! No getting up.......Little Mama woke up frequently to check for their breathing.....since they had never sleep alllll night. I would also like to report the boys have been SO VERY HAPPY today,,,, no fussing, took their naps, "talked" to the ceiling fan....overall it was a wonderful day...Little Mama sure did seem happier tonight as I check on them.....By the way....I ordered two Nap Nannies...will let you know how that is. The boutique reports rave review and they sell out as soon as shipments come in. Thank God life is getting better!! HA!!!


justabeachkat said...

That definitely sounds like a miracle to me! What a blessing for little mama!

Hope your itching is better. ??


YaYa's Funhouse said...

Brenda, If you read this I am not able to contact your blog at countryromance.blogspot
Let me know if you start another blog. I miss you.

Deare Diary said...

Leave it to the Grandmother to know what to do huh? No matter how modern we get, we still need old inventions from time to time(coffee grider).