Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where Have I Been??

You might ask me where have you been??? Well....the saga continues. Pappy has had partial replacement on both knees. OUCH!!! He had this done on Feb 5 and is doing quite well according to his physical therapist.

So we have "bought stock" in this facility!!! HA!!! JKJKJK

This picture was taken soon after surgery. He has really done well....and the other thing is.....he does not complain. He is not a WHINER!!

This is the first time in therapy. Not a good start-off. Legs were still so numb he could not hold himself up and fell back into chair. I had to quickly go back to the room.

We are being discharged and sent home on Sat Feb 7th. He has really done well.
The worst is the push for full recovery!! Did I mention??? Little Dad had the flu and little baby Prentiss had the flu.....we took both babies back to the doctor on Friday since Luke was coughing and his test for the flu was neg. Thank God!!. They are recovering well. The GRANDMOTHER (Pappy's mom) came last Sunday and was here for one week to help out. Boy, was that a blessing!!!

Valentine's Day came and went... I hope all of my bloggy friend had an awesome day with their honey buns!!!♥


Sharon said...

Boy, am I glad to have you back! Worried about all that was going on in your life. Some of us have a really difficult time setting limits and with those we love the most needing help - it's just impossible. So glad Pappy is doing well with his new bionic knees. He'll be hard to keep up with now! And thank God for grandmother. No matter how old we get, mother can always make it better. And you really needed the help. Hope all are well and ready for spring real soon. Have a great week! Sharon

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment on how to add the Cora Playground button...I must be remedial. I can get a link to etsy, but not the button. I've tried blogger help and etsy help - when I search it for buttons, I literally get buttons, like the kind you sew. I guess I'll keep playing with it. If you can comment again, I don't even know which setting on blogger to change to add a button to my side bar.

thanks for your help- sounds like you are having as much fun as me. My dad has had both hips replaced and just had his shoulder done on Friday.

Michelle said...

okay, I finally figured it out, boy was that hard!

Deare Diary said...

Welcome Back Lucy

Needled Mom said...

I am glad that things are progressing well for him. Spending time in the hospital can really compromise computer time!!! Glad Prentiss is okay too. That is scary.

Girl with the Curlz said...

Thanks so much for visting my blog!! Congrats on your twins. I have twin nephews and they are grown now. You will have lots of fun with them. And with the knees,I work with patients getting knee and hip replacements everyday. The beginning can be a little rough but it just gets easier everyday. Tell him good luck!! I also want to thank you very much for your kind prayers. My husband and I can sure use them. Thank you.


nancygrayce said...

Glad to see you back! I'm sure it helps that he's not a whiner! I would be big time! You've had your hands full, maybe things will slow down now.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments. Please prayer for my Mom and step-dad. He is very ill. He is on dialysis and has pneumonia. He is in the hospital. When it rains it pours!!! GOD is GOOD all the time!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visitng my new blog and leaving such a sweet comment, I truly do appreciate it ~~Love your nickname, so cute!
Wow, what a February you have had and Pappy, too!
Look forward to getting to know you:)
Hugs and Blessings,