Saturday, January 10, 2009

Need For More Hands

This is what I needed on my first time out baby sitting while little Mom had a brief outing with her mother to "Wally World". I gave Prentiss his medications waiting 30 mins then fed Luke
for 30 mins by this time it was time to feed Prentiss....then feeding him and burping I had to go back to Luke to give him burp time cause he's "not in to that" so he takes longer......OH>>>MY>changing diapers. The next day I got off work and went by before doing home and learned little mom had only had one hr of sleep the night before. I told her I would stay the night so that she could be some sleep. She quickly agreed. HA! So about 11:15 she went to bed.....I went to work.....meds for Prentiss, changed Luke diaper, feed Luke, burp Luke.....hold him "up" to settle his stomach...change Prentiss, feed Prentiss, hold him "up" for awhile....change Luke again....try to settle both down for a few hrs.....NOT.....grunt....wiggle.....suck passey......wiggle....grunt.......stretch...groan.......Luke finally settled down.....Prentiss grunted and wiggled most of "morning".....little mom got up about 4:30a for next feeding round........I went home about 5:30.......skip forward to 11:30 Little Mama's mother calls and asked me to come over....911 had been called because Luke was choking and little Mama was having difficulty
getting airway open.....after paramedics left Luke was taken to pediatricians and was told he had reflux and was prescribed ZANTAC...and will have to be fed every 2 hrs and given this med twice a day.......Prentiss was quiet and slept all the while everyone was gone. Now it is 8pm.....I'm back at home telling Little Mama to call if she needs me. Little Mama's mother said these kids scared her ****less.....WHEW!!! Lord help us all.....GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME>


Deare Diary said...

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or pray.... maybe all three!!!! Hang in there Granny. I am sooo thankful that they are here to keep ya'll hopping. God really answered prayers, huh?
Love ya,

Raxx - A day in the life said...

How wonderful for you! And exiting too, I know this is ust where you want to be!

Sharon said...

Sounds like a--- three ring circus around there. What a blessing!! Somehow and soon, I hope, a routine will settle in and things will go more soothly. Until then, seems like somebody needs to plan a shift rotation for family members. God bless you! (and He will). Sharon

Sue said...

Oh, my!! I can't imagine but what a blessing!! When they do get older (if Little Mama and Grandma can make it) they will have SO MUCH fun playing together.

kristina said...

wow! you don't just need extra hands, you and little mama both need 2 sets of clones! so each twin can have a set of yaya and little mama lol...i'm kidding around because i'm with judy! laugh, cry, pray --> all of the above!!