Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homeward Bound

YES! We are headed home today from the hospital after five days of needles, tubes, hoses, and whatever else was sent out way. We are done! and we are "out of here". Thanks to all our family and friends for praying for us. See ya later....when yaya will post more pictures of us!!!


Baba's Special Babies said...

Great news to hear that you and your family are headed home..just in time to cook a good Thanksgiving dinner and celebrate. Hugs, Baba

Needled Mom said...

Yeah!!!! Such wonderful news, Baba.

Kat said...

I haven't been by in a few days so I didn't know the boys were in the hospital. I hate that I didn't know...for two reasons - I would have been praying for them AND our daughter works at that hospital in NICU and I know she would have been happy to check in on them. I'm so glad that they are home now, just in time for Thanksgiving. I hope you're feeling better too.